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Efficient Way to Follow the Law

Setting up a business in Singapore is both easy and challenging. We needed to find corporate secretarial services in order to make sure we were adhering to Singapore’s laws concerning the formation and running of the business. Getting a permit to start up a business is easy, but once you have that permit you need to make sure you’re following their laws or that permit will quickly disappear. And Singapore rigidly enforces their laws. They want you to do business here, but you simply must follow the letter of the law. If you do, you’re likely to be very successful in a way that’s impossible elsewhere.

When my company put me in charge of opening up a business concern in Singapore, they knew enough to point out that there were some different things that had to be done in order to ensure success. They were able to point me in the right direction. Fortunately, there are businesses in Singapore who act as efficient middleman to help newcomers adhere to the legal situation. One such concern was making sure we had a company secretary. It’s required by law to have this position exist in order to advise the board about company matters.

I could have tried to hire someone to directly fill the position, but I wasn’t entirely sure where to look for the best person or how judge whether such a person was truly effective at their previous jobs. So I went online and found a company who has a team of people who can fill this role, and fill it effectively with a minimum of effort and for a modest fee. Putting them in charge of the process took a single step. Moreover, they have a lot of experience filling this role and have a good reputation. It’s made starting the business get off to a good start.